Sunday, October 18, 2009

Encinas & Samano Family

My first real family shoot! I learned a lot of lessons but overall I think it was fun and I got some great photos. Lesson # 1 : Do not schedule a photoshoot @ noon! Lesson # 2 Invest in a tripod.... a lot of my pictures were blurry probably because of shake. Lesson # 3 Take the extra time to focus even if you are nervous and feel like you'll miss the shot... if it's out of focus you can't use it anyway!!
Thanks Nadine & Jess!


  1. Amy! These pictures came out so so sooo good! I'm so proud of you. Lovely!

  2. oh my gosh Amy!!!i love them so much!! the portraits of just the parents, and the very last picture where the kids smiles match nadine's and jess' are myFAVORITE!!

    PS, our picsfromBig Bear were at noon too!! not quite flattering light-wise :)