Sunday, January 31, 2010

Downtown with Becca & Mark

Had the priviledge of photographing my new roommate Rebecca & her fiancee Mark in honor of their wedding engagement. This was a first for me but I think it went well! Still the usual suspect that I need to work on... focusing... It was a great time though, I actually took over 400 photos! Probably in the hopes that a couple would actually turn out. One problem that I had never really thought about is your subjects towering above you hieght wise. It really makes it an interesting photoshoot! I kept looking for ledges and steps to stand on to take their pictures since they are both 6' tall (as opposed to my 5'3)... I may just bring a stool next time I shoot them!! Thanks Becca & Mark for the practice. Hope you like your photos!
PS.... thank you to DeeDee Dallas for the railroad shot inspiration as well as the kissing in the arch!!


  1. Amy you are tooooooooooooo sweet but you must know that I am not the originator of either of those....Glad you enjoyed them.

    d2 :p

  2. Amy- you keep improving tremendously with each blog I look at!!! I LOVE the railroad pictures!!! I'll have to have you shoot us before you become a professional and start charging!!!

  3. lookin good amy, keep up the good work!